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Land Planning & Design

By implementing a multi-disciplined perspective by incorporating experts in civil engineering, surveying and environmental consultants, our development team is able to determine a favorable outcome for the development.


By incorporating the concept of value engineering, whereby each project’s component is analyzed to realize the best overall design for the least cost and maximum benefit.

Sometimes challenges arise related to environmental impacts, wetlands, protected species, traffic patterns and infrastructure, our team’s in-depth understanding of zoning regulations and ordinances and will help mitigate any roadblocks as the development process unfolds.

Objective of the land planning stage

The objective of the land planning stage is to understand the nuances and challenges associated with each project and provide comprehensive plan and analysis leading to the best possible outcome. Our disciplined approach is designed to guide the progress of a property’s development improvements throughout the systematic process, from the initial stages of project visualization, to planning, land use authorizations, to design and regulatory approvals.

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