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Entitlement and Permitting

What is the entitlement process?

The process through which a real estate developer seeks the right to develop property with the local governmental authority granting approvals regarding zoning, density, design, use, and occupancy permits. The current entitlements are defined as the rights and restrictions that a property may possess through a land use code or amendment, zoning, platting approval and site plan. The number of units and described land uses are defined by the local government.


Examples of regulatory permits include: sewer and water system, storm water management system and roadways. Wetland and endangered species fall under Environmental Resource Permit category as environmental issues can be a sizable portion of the project expenses. Some of the agencies that may be involved with include, regional water management districts, Department Environmental Protection and Army Corps of Engineering.

Goal of the Entitlement Phase


Our goal during the entitlement and permitting phase is to obtain the local authority approvals for the submitted designs and/or requested change to the property’s entitlements. This process will successfully add value to the parcel leading to a optimum outcome. 

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