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Due Diligence and Evaluation

The goal & objective of the due diligence stage is to investigate parcels that are viable for development sites and can benefit from the value-added process of “Land Packaging.” Also, the goal is to recognize opportunities and constraints the property may possess.

This evaluation includes parcel general location, utility availability, parcel topography & natural features, road & transportation infrastructure, market demographics, and the proximity to employment, retail, and schools.

Our development team weighs the challenges and opportunities of acquiring a parcel by further evaluating:

  • Assess capacity of utility services, future land use, zoning, and existing entitlement

  • Further evaluation of the land by viewing and evaluating flood zones, wetlands, and elevation

  • Analyze sale trends with interactive charts


​We measure risk versus reward when making expensive land acquisition decisions as well as continued development task decisions. Our development team manages the land acquisition and due diligence process by weighing all of the challenges and opportunities of acquiring a parcel.

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