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Increasing Land Value by the Entitlement Process

Florida Ground Development, LLC provides a full range of real estate & project management services to the land development sector clients, including investors, developers, and builders.

  •  Acquisition

  •  Feasibility Studies

  •  Land Planning

  •  Entitlement

  •  Permitting

  •  Sales/Disposition


Our company’s mission is to further real estate development by bridging land owners with investors by delivering professionalism and excellence to the land packaging development process providing all parties with a successful outcome resulting in a profitable disposition.   


Our goal is to successfully add value to a land/parcel by the completion of specific development tasks which are known as “paper enhancements.” Florida Ground Development, LLC will bring professionalism, expertise and knowledge to every project we manage and develop. Our company ownership, as well as the members of our development team, are industry leaders creating business opportunities for our clients resulting in an optimum outcome for our clients.

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